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Everyday Christians Helping Orphans are just regular everyday christians trying to reach the modern day orphan - kids taken from their families due to abuse or neglect and placed in foster, relative, non relative and adoptive homes.


We began with a desire to serve, but how? What do caregiving families need for their kids? 

We started with a diaper drive, a basic need, at our church on Mother's Day 2012. The response we received was overwhelming; thousands of diapers were donated. We started receiving clothes, shoes, toys, accessories, strollers, baby swings and more. 

We now have 3 ECHO locations and 1 Distribution Center to serve caregiving families in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee Counties and our ministry is still growing. At each location there are a team of believers to serve families, once a week, by providing items that children newborn to 25 may need. Our boutique style is being created to reflect the worth and care given to each item and family that enters.

What started out small with a heart for foster care and have turned into a large team of people passionate about helping and loving families caring for kids that are in crisis. 

If you have heart to help foster and other caregiving families, we can help you get involved. You can start an ECHO location where you are and serve families. We also have opportunities to volunteer at our current centers, people who do donation pick ups, teams to sort clothes at the distribution center, businesses and churches to do donation drives, and more. If a small group of everyday Christians can help people, so can you. Contact us for more information. 

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