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Jennifer's Story

My story began late one night on the road driving home from out of town. I was in tears. I was praying for what seemed like the hundredth time for God to hear me and answer my prayer for another child.

It was then that he birthed in me the thought of foster care or adoption for our family. It wasn't long after that I had lunch with a friend who had just recently taken a foster care ministry class with another member of our church. We decided we should all meet and see what God was doing and what we could do together. It was with these three families that ECHO was born.

God had positioned my heart with a desire to love children and care for those who were without. Shortly afterwards, I became pregnant and then eight weeks later, lost our child. The feeling of losing a child was devastating, but God had never left my side. Two months later, I was pregnant with my daughter, Lily-Kate. The Lord had answered my prayers, but why then move me in the direction of orphan care ministry?

Three years later, ECHO has blossomed into four clothing closets that are able to help foster, adoptive, relative and non relative families with many items a child would need. We have been able to provide bikes, beds, furniture, clothing, books, toys, shoes and much more to our counties’ children, as well as prayer and a shoulder to many parents, grandparents and other relatives. We have been given the chance to form bonds and help change the lives of God's people. Had I not gone through a time of longing and despair, I do not believe my heart would have moved in this direction.

Most of the time we think we know what God’s plans are for us. And usually, we are surprised to find that we are a bit off. God moved me into a position to help meet the needs of thousands of children. Some of us do this with one, two or four children at a time, and others do it by serving in our ministry. The role in which the Lord has directed me is leading the ministry in growth. And boy, are we growing! I am always so excited to see what He does next.

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