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Two Grey Chairs

If there is one thing that has proven to be true time and time again in the years I have

worked with ECHO ministries, it is that God is always in the details. When I least expect

it, there He is beautifully guiding those who have chosen to love and help His kids. It

happened just last week with the simple purchase of two gray chairs.

Our Avon Park location has been updated with new paint, flooring and a fresh new feel.

On a work day last week we started searching for something to make a nice sitting area

in the girls’ room and found two perfect gray chairs on the FB marketplace.

When we went to pick up the chairs, the seller asked an unusual question before we

left. She asked if we would mind telling her what the chairs would be used for, a slightly

strange question but we were happy to share about ECHO and how the chairs would

add a nice touch to the Avon Park location.

She was moved. She and her husband are about to complete their final foster care

class. She explained that every time she felt overwhelmed or discouraged along the

way, God would somehow find a way to let her know to keep going and here we were at

her house.

We couldn’t have known that day our paths would cross. But He did. For her it was an

encouragement to keep moving forward in what she was called to do and for us it was a

reminder why ECHO is so important, to support and encourage these families. There

were happy tears and hugs and the realization that these children and families need all

of us to do our part. Everyone is not called to the exact same work but we are all called

to do something. And when we get to work showing the Father’s love, we should not be

surprised to see His hands guiding and holding it all together… even through something

as simple as two gray chairs.

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